Car enthusiasts and anyone with a brain all agree, they aren’t buying his explanation

Do banks have the power to take back your car even though you’re current on your payments? 2020 Subaru owner Scott Sessa’s Go Fund Me alleges that his car’s title holder, Chase Bank, is doing just that.

According to Sessa,

“Chase put my car up for repo all because the car is the last run of production model and the car is worth more to them if they repo it and resell it.”

The link to his Go Fund Me is here and a screenshot of his fundraiser is posted below.

Sessa explains that,

“I have made my car payments on time and even earlier for the past two years and have all the bank records to prove that.”

I mean, if you do have the bank records, why didn’t he include screenshots of them in his Go Fund Me?

For reference, base 2020 WRX STI MSRP’d at $36,995 with typical options pushing that price north of $40,000 easily.

According to Melargano, Placidi and Parini regarding repo laws in Pennsylvania,

“In Pennsylvania, vehicles can be repossessed if a debtor gets behind in payments, referred to as defaulting on a loan.”

But, as Sessa states, he hasn’t defaulted and, is in fact, two years ahead on his payments.

His claim is at odds with what PA’s repo laws are.

Most commenters on the Facebook post where I found this story agree, something’s fishy.

The most likely explanation is Sessa is, as the law states, behind on his payments.

No one likes to admit they’re behind on their payments, especially when they’ve already thrown mods on their car.

Whatever the real story may be (even though we most likely know what’s actually going on) Sessa’s going to need to scrounge up tens of thousands of dollars quick.

His Go Fund Me’s already closed.

Total amount raised? $5.

Do you believe Sessa’s claim about Chase?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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