Just because you have a Taurus Constellation on your hood, trunk, and steering wheel doesn’t mean you’re suddenly Colin McRae.

Omar, who goes by @Okaay_M2C_S2K on TikTok, shared smartphone footage earlier this weekend (Mar 11, 2023) of a Subaru BRZ struggling to drive out of what’s really a light bit of snow on the shoulder of the 15 as traffic came to a standstill on Cajon Pass out of Los Angeles County.

Check out this BRZ’s code brown moment below.

@okaay_m2c_s2k Wow 2WD Subarus suck in the snow on summer tires ???? #subaru #brz #snow ♬ original sound – Omar

In Omar’s video, we can see the BRZ quite easily enter the snow-lined emergency shoulder. But, when the driver’s all-season performance tires lose grip, not many of the BR-Z’s 228 horsepowers make it to the ground.

In all likelihood, this BRZ’s probably still rocking his OEM tires, Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4.

Despite these high-performance tires advertised as all-season, even a bit of sludge, like on the shoulder of a busy highway, can defeat any snow driving capability you think you might have.

And even though this BRZ is a Subaru, they don’t come with Subaru’s legendary symmetrical AWD system.

In fact, it’s the only Subaru that can’t be optioned out with all-wheel drive.

That means any grip found up front can’t be exploited to paw this four-cylinder sports car out of the snow.

“Sir, you don’t have that kind of Subaru,” @Vasa.Studio hilariously pointed out.

“Bro thought he was driving a Crosstrek” @Ethereum_mayo commented.

“It’s what makes a Toyobaru a Toyobaru,” @BigMansMolMiata also commented.

Thankfully, this Subaru BRZ driver eventually finds a bit of grip and crawls his way out of what would’ve been a truly embarrassing moment.

BRZ owners take note, all-seasons don’t really mean all seasons and just because you have a Subaru doesn’t mean you’re suddenly gifted with World Rally Championship racecar capabilities.

And if you’re going to test your snow-driving abilities, it’s best to do it close to home, preferably in an empty parking lot with a friend that can tow you out in your contacts.


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