I might notify the people at Guinness because this has to be a record.

Winter’s a few months away and that means squirrels are starting to collect and hide away all sorts of nuts to get them through the chilly days ahead. One squirrel in particular is going above and beyond to make sure he’s got enough food.

According to Wild Green Memes for Ecological Fiends group member Kathleen LaForce she recently went on vacation and left her Subaru Forester outside thinking thinking nothing would happen to it.

LaForce would be gone for seven days. What’s the worst that could happen?

She returned from vacation and, for some reason, popped the hood of her Subie to discover literally hundreds of black walnuts squirrelled (pun intended) around the engine bay.

Check out her photo and what she had to say about the incident below.

Those are walnuts with the hull still on.

LaForce, of course, had to clean up her engine bay to make sure no errant nut would cause damage with the engine running.

As the caption mentions, in all, she counted 558 black walnuts.

If, according to this Instructables post, 24 pounds of hull-on black walnuts equals to about 120 individual black walnuts, 558 black walnuts is about 111 pounds, an enormous amount of nuts for one busy squirrel.

“The squirrel was gently shooed out of the car and got to keep most of their walnuts,” LaForce ends her caption with “I still felt terrible for undoing all their hard work.”

LaForce’s post has naturally went viral with 1,000+ comments and 5,200 shares.

Some of the top comments are worth sharing.

“I just opened my window and yelled this story at the lazy f***ing squirrels in my yard who are only capable of putting their black walnuts a couple at a time in my mailbox and shoes,” Amy Sherman-Kortbein hilariously commented.

“Squirrel’s are agents of chaos and I’m here for it,” said Rachel Hewitt.

While cute and endearing reading about it on the internet, squirrels can wreak havoc on your wiring and shouldn’t consider cars as places to store food.

Advice on the internet says to spray the underside of your car with animal repellant spray (like this stuff on Amazon) and to repeat this process every spring so animal offspring who don’t know will learn to stay away.

If chemicals aren’t your thing, this Redditor suggests a home made repellant made out of cayenne powder, hot sauce, and chili powder.

Squirrels, we love them, but we have to set some boundaries.


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