“The beds on these two trucks are roughly the same size,” the tweet says. But, is that true?

There’s a popular tweet making the rounds with a Ford F-250 Super Duty parked next to a ’90/early ’00s Toyota Tacoma with the caption above claiming that both beds (aka cargo boxes) are “roughly” the same size.

The point this tweet is supposed to make is while the F-250 is so much larger than the Toyota Tacoma it has the same bed size and is just as capable as the larger Ford.

What’s the point, then, of a larger truck?

This point this tweet is trying to make is 100 percent false, easily disproved with 30 seconds of Googling which I’ve done below.

I even put in the F-150s bed dimensions as it’s the more common Ford truck out there.

Cargo Area DimensionsFord F-250 Crew Cab ’90s Toyota TacomaFord F-150 Reg Cab
Cargo Box Length @ Floor (in)81.874.578.8
Tailgate Width (in)60.6NANA
Cargo Box Width @ Wheelhousings (in)50.940.950
Cargo Box Width @ Top, Rear (in)63.557.9NA
Cargo Volume (ft³)64.439.762.3
Cargo Box (Area) Height (in)20.115.921.4
Cargo Box Width @ Floor (in)69.357.965.2
Ext’d Cab Cargo Volume (ft³)NA15.0NA

Sure, the bed lengths of either truck are kind of the same, the Ford F-250’s about 7 inches longer than the Tacoma’s. If viewed from the side, like the photo above, it’s misleading.

Every other dimension, width, height, and volume, the F-250 is (obviously) larger by several inches.

The slam dunk is the aforementioned volume, the F-250 has a cargo box that’s 62 percent larger than the Tacoma’s when measuring total cubic inches.

Beds aside, the Tacoma is a 1/4-ton truck whereas the F-250 is a legit 3/4-ton truck.

To put that in perspective, even with a V6, the Tacoma is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds.

The F-250? Even with a gas V8, they can tow up to 12,500 pounds.

I can go on-and-on how the Ford is literally larger and more capable than the Tacoma but you get my point.

Sure, the Tacoma’s bed length might be as long as a F-250’s but they’re very different trucks with different capabilities.

It just so happens Americans like to drive very capable trucks like regular dailies.

And that’s just America for you.



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