OP described the man as a Fat F***ing idiot

If road ragers often have a chip on their shoulders, this guy had a whole log. Tesla dashcam footage submitted by Redditor /u/Sterling-Archer from his friend to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit shows a driver in Hialeah in a newer model Honda Accord, upset about being passed, overtaking, stopping his Accord, and brandishing a gun at Archer’s friend.

The original Reddit thread is linked here but I’ve embedded a copy of the video as the original title has an obscenity.

The incident occurred on the Hialeah Expressway in Hialeah, FL ( a city in Miami-Dade county.) Link to the exact location on Google Maps linked here.

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The Accord’s license plate is L2GHH.

It’s not clear what led up to the incident but according to Archer,

“My friend said he passed the guy who was driving slow and texting, and that’s where the video comes in.”

There’s also the fact that Archer’s friend is driving a Tesla.

“People with tiny d**** and tiny brains get pissed whenever there is a Tesla in their general vicinity,” Archer states.

It’s relevant as there’s a growing body of evidence, as this post from Electrek highlights, that suggests people get mad at electric car drivers, Teslas owners in particular, for doing nothing wrong in particular.

As the video show’s, Archer’s friend is overtaken and, for at least a block is prevented from driving past the angry Accord driver.

The Accord driver eventually stops between two lanes and comes out of his car with a handgun clearly visible in his right hand.

Brandishing a weapon, in law legalese, is to “make the presence of the firearm known to another person, in order to intimidate that person.”

Brandishing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to literally wave your gun at someone.

Archer gives an update on what his friend eventually did, screenshot below. #BecauseOfProfanity.

Update from Archer

“He said he called 911 right after it happened,” Archer’s comment reads. “They took the info and said they would notify officers in the area. My friend was a bit shaken so he struggled to give them the address at first.”

“911 did take his license plate and description so maybe they’ll do something, he’s going to check tomorrow if they want the video.”

While Florida doesn’t have specific road rage laws, they do when you brandish a weapon.

Brandishing a weapon in Florida is punishable by a $1,000 fine and one year jail time. Jail time is often substituted for probation.

As of this blog post Archer’s not posted any new updates.

I’ll check in on the thread and perhaps message him in a few days to give you an update.

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