Here’s where everyone is probably going instead.

Around 2013, the last few days in September were unofficially designated as H2Oi 20(insert year) where East Coast car enthusiasts turned the otherwise sleepy beach town of Ocean City, MD into a weekend-long car show.

Fueled by social media, cinematic Youtube edits, and to an extent, COVID-19 lockdowns, the show grew large enough that it became a serious problem for the city and local authorities.

Even with a Special Event Zone in effect, which authorized Ocean City police, in collaboration with nearby tow companies, to impose larger than normal fines and tow fees, in the case of one attendee in 2019, a whole $1,700 ticket, H2Oi weekend was very much still a thing.

Despite stories from 2019, 2020, and 2021 of $1,000+ tickets, cars impounded, and returns to Worcester County to address tickets, is H2OI 2022 still a thing?

Here’s what I found out.

As it’s an unofficial event, its success is largely driven by the hype leading up to the last weekend of September.

Based on, for the lack of a better technique, browsing Facebook groups dedicated to H2Oi and searching for the obvious hashtags on Instagram, there aren’t as many dedicated posts and threads asking about and organizing events for an H2Oi in Ocean City.

I, and potential show attendees aren’t the only ones to notice this, according to the OC Today, local Ocean City police are, too.

“OCPD Chief Buzzuro said his team has seen a “tremendous” drop off compared to 2019-20, in terms of online chatter, adding that there seemed to be a departure of people who attended the event in Ocean City.”

As OC Today notes, corroborated by posts I saw, the supposed new H2Oi is going to be in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Over 13,000 Facebook users responded to this unofficial H2O Wildwood Facebook event page, 3,400+ noting they’re attending.

As of this blog post, there are already even a handful of Youtube and TikTok videos from Wildwood for the aforementioned new H2O.

Despite this supposed re-location, Ocean City police aren’t letting their guard down, re-instating a Special Event Zone that started Tuesday all the way to the 25th.

I also noticed chatter that OCPD got their dates wrong, that this weekend isn’t technically the last weekend of September and, H2Oi 2022 in Ocean City is really going down starting on the 29th next week.

Is H2Oi Wildwood carrying on where H2Oi Ocean City left off?

Will large crowds go to both?

At this point, what’s actually going to happen this weekend or next, your guess is as good as mine.

If you decide to head down to Ocean City, MD this weekend, be aware of the Special Event Zone.

If you head down next weekend, the Special Event Zone might not be in effect but it seems like OCPD can easily extend this weekend’s Special Event Zone another few days just like that.

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  1. Dear Paulo,
    Ocean City Maryland is anything but a sleepy town. The Ocean City Mayor, etc. Have an event planned for every weekend from May through October, plus Christmas events. It’s the reason why everybody from Pennsylvania New York and New Jersey come and stay in Ocean City Maryland.


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