Some car enthusiasts spend more on a major repair or a set of used wheels, let alone an entire car.

Browsing Craigslist for fun cars to share, and I came across an absolutely beat 1997 Subaru Impreza Sedan with over 200,000 miles for just $900 sitting somewhere in Napa County, California.

Check out photos of this cheap but cheerful looking Subie below.

“Like an aging Chihuahua, she’s a little ruff but still likes to run” the ad starts off with.

“Recently passed smog without adjustment. Drips a little oil, binding/shuddering in transaxle, dent in driver’s door, paint peeled from hood and front bumper cover. Great for a mechanic or someone who just needs basic wheels for while.”

True to the description, the hood and bumper to this Impreza Sedan sport large splotches of primer and chipped paint where several base coats of Mystic blue and clear coat should be.

Besides that large driver’s side dent (peeved ex?) and failing paint, there appears to be no major body damage. If I was buying this chihuahua, I’d inspect the chassis and engine bay with a strong light and a fine toothed comb for signs of a serious accident.

Cosmetics aside, the 2.2L means this Impreza sports the more reliable, not prone to head gasket issues, engine. The EJ22 is known for being one of Subaru’s most reliable engines thanks to a bulletproof block.

137 HP and 145 lb-ft means adequate power in modern traffic.

And, while you’ll enjoy Subaru’s legendary AWD, power to all four wheels all the time means you’re lucky to crack 25 MPG combined. This is not a car to save gas in.

For $900, for someone mechanically inclined looking for a set of wheels, this Impreza is a no-brainer.

And what some might see as ugly might prove just enough of an eye-sore to dissuade potential car thieves.

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