How many of the four rounds Adam LZ will show up to has yet to be determined.

Formula Drift announced their lineup for the four-round 2020 Pro and Pro2 season and, while there were close to a dozen drivers not returning in the Pro field, there were some notable additions including one Adam-Lizoette Ziesler, better known as Youtuber Adam LZ. Adam LZ is one of 36 other Pro drivers that can, if they want, compete in Round 1 less than a month away in St. Louis.

Check out the full driver’s lineup below.

A handful of speculators and fans of Formula Drift had their doubts when Adam LZ joined the Pro2 field last year with, according to his bio clip, only three years of semi-serious drifting under his built. But, after missing the first round and failing to podium in the next two rounds, Adam LZ pulled off an epic Round 4 in Texas that saw the Rookie battle Trenton Beechum for a podium finish.

Adam ending up getting second and 80 points, enough to secure a 7th overall finish. Top 8 drivers qualify for Pro licenses for next season.

You can relive Round 4 thanks to his Youtube video below.

What will Adam LZ compete in?

Adam LZ used a 2001 Nissan Silvia A.K.A. S15 with a 2JZ swap upgraded turbo, BC Racing suspension, and dozens of other parts that seem to be doing the trick. While most, including myself, think Adam will use this S15 again for his Pro debut, I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws out a wildcard.

Adam won’t be using his Barra-swapped GT350 since that’s an automatic.

Stiff competition

If Adam commits to a full season and goes for gold, he’s up against veterans of the sport including champions Chris Forseberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Fredric Aasbo, James Deane, and, most notably, the return of FD champ from Japan Daigo Saito.

I hope Adam commits to more than one round since this season is a lot shorter. Also, Adam is in his Rookie season and, if there’s a time to experiment, put it all out on the line, make some great first impressions, and become a crowd favorite, a four-round season is the perfect opportunity.

Round 1 kicks off on Sept 4 in St. Louis so, until then, I’ll keep my eyes peeled on Adam LZ’s social media and channel as how he plans out his season will be shared in due time.



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