Although this McLaren 620R is super rare, smashing this supercar to smithereens might be the right thing to do.

Bureau of Customs PH reported earlier yesterday that a rare McLaren 620R arrived at the Port of Manila but, when they checked the car’s declaration, they soon discovered it was purposely declared as a much cheaper Porsche Macan to circumvent the Philippines steep import taxes imposed on cars not sold locally.

As mentioned in their post below, the McLaren 620R is valued at around $672,000. After all applicable import taxes are applied, this new McLaren owner would’ve owed an additional $305,000, about a 45 percent total tax.

That’s harsh.

But, by illegally declaring his 620R as a much cheaper Porsche Macan, if he sneaked that paperwork past customs, he would’ve only owed a 10th of that.

The consignee and broker of the shipment are now facing possible charges for violation of Section 1400 in relation to Section 1113 of RA 10863 also known as the Customs Modernization and Tarrif Act (CMTA).

The current Philippines administration has a history of smashing illegally imported vehicles.

2018 was a banner year for smashing vehicles illegally imported into the Philippines. In May, the President himself presided over the bulldozing of $640,000 worth of motorcycles included Harleys and BMWs. After watching the bulldozer do its thing, Duterte gave a whole speech afterwards.

“When the excavator crushed the Harley (Davidson) it’s like I also got hit in my neck. What a waste.”

Earlier in February of that same year, $5.5 million worth of luxury cars illegally imported was smashed to bits. Duterte didn’t bat an eye as he hammed it up for the cameras.

Seeing a pattern?

Although it hurts to see such a fine vehicle smashed, it’s the right thing to do to further set an example that you do not pull a fast one in Duterte’s country.

I can imagine Duterte making a spectacle out of smashing this McLaren 620R since it’s within his right. To give this car special treatment, not to be smashed just because it’s rare and expensive, would be a slap in the face to lawful importers who pay the full amount, no funny business added.

1 out of 350

McLaren only made 350 of these 620Rs, which makes smashing it that much more painful. This 612 HP beast is capable of a blast to 60 MPH in under three seconds and can hit 200 MPH without breaking a sweat.


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