Future sideshow attendees take note. This is how dangerous it can get. You do not want to risk life and limb for a Sunday Funday.

A wild Sunday Funday LA Takeover and sideshow played out at Washington Boulevard and Crenshaw Boulvard in Los Angeles earlier this weekend that saw one man hit and brutally backed over by an Infiniti G35 sedan driver who took things way too far. In witness video shared all over Instagram from multiple angles, we see this Infiniti hit several people, including our main victim, before backing over him after seeing the reds and blues of the LAPD trying in vain to lay down some law and order.

Check out a handful of video of the mayhem that played out below. The first video shows this Infiniti G35 driver evade police, driving by them.

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another angle

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At this point of the night, the Sunday Funday takeover had been going on for at least an hour, cars jumping into the middle of the intersection, doing donuts and burnouts for the crowd that gathered.

Most of the highlight videos show this G35 already showing body damage on the passenger side from a previous accident and a distinct black wrap on his bumper.

This is not this driver’s first rodeo, his license plate blocked out with duct tape.

We see this G35 pull off an impressive drift burnout combo that gets the crowd going. People rush towards the Infiniti, smartphones in hand to get a better shot.

At least two people get hit, head on. The Infiniti driver runs into two Police interceptors watching patiently, waiting for the right time to make their move.

Once they hit their reds and blues, the driver panics, hits reverse, and runs over this poor guy. If that’s not bad enough, they literally run him over again before they escape, snaking by the police.

Ironically enough, while everyone exacts revenge on the Infiniti with kicks, some stand in front of police interceptors, helping the Infiniti driver escape.

What an absolute s*** show.

It’s not clear the condition of the guy run over, but I presume he didn’t just walk it off.

The end of summer usually signals a dip in the amount of sideshows but, with lots of kids staying home for school and the weather still plenty hot at night, sideshows might stick around longer than usual.

And social distancing? Ha!

Do you know the condition of the guy hit? Let me know in the comments below.


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