This FCA dealership manager warns Dodge Challenger and Charger owners that those cool looking yellow splitter guards are actually causing paint damage, so beware.

You know those little yellow accents on the front bumpers of Dodge Challengers and Chargers you’ve been seeing a lot more of lately? Those are temporary splitter guards put on at the factory, meant for transport to the dealership, and techs are supposed to take them off, except Challenger and Charger owners opt to keep them on because they look cool. But according to this Dodge dealership manager earlier yesterday (Apr. 5, 2019) they’re damaging Dodge bumpers left and right, ruining the paint underneath. Here’s the proof from his post below.

 Please, on behalf of your splitter AND its paint, take off the splitter guards.

Admittedly, the splitter guards do look sort of cool and I can see the appeal why Challenger and Charger owners keep them on, but the sales manager does bring up good points about the pieces not being aerodynamically tested or form-fitting to the bumper.

Any casual car modifier worth their salt knows that gaudy plastic aero pieces made from low-quality material added on, damage the paint underneath.

I’ve slapped on cool looking bumper lips on my own ride only to discover when I took the lip off months later the damage to the paint underneath. Of course, at that point, the way most rectify the paint issue is to cover it up with a new lip.

If you are going to keep these yellow plastic splitter guards on, at the very least, wash, dry and apply a layer of wax to protect the paint if you only plan to run them a short period of time. If not, consider taping off and plasti-dipping the area covered by the splitter guard. That way, the splitter guard will rub against and damage the protective covering and not your paint.

Nothing wrong with running those temporary splitter guards, just be warned that paint damage might occur.

Source: Tyler Grant

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