The spicy Hellcat most likely survived a short commute.

Central Valley, California resident Mia Maria and the rest of her office staff got quite the surprise when they investigated the source of incessant meowing from somewhere nearby, they found a real, live kitten stuck in her co-worker’s Dodge Challenger front bumper.

Check out the surprising and heartwarming video below. Just in case that video’s down, we’ve got a mirror linked here.

Maria does not tag where exactly this kitten was found but, seeing how she’s tagged Madera, California a couple of times in her posts, it’s safe to say she’s a Central Valley girlie.

In the video, we see her co-workers trying their best to extricate the spicy kitten from the Challenger’s headlight pod.

Known for finding small, confined spaces, an evolutionary tactic to stay safe in the wild, this cat probably crawled into this Challenger’s front bumper through the front wheel well and fell asleep.

Awakened by the Challenger owner driving to work, the startled cat tried to crawl out through the front fog light opening.

But, like many inexperienced animals who don’t have the mental capacity to think through getting their heads out of holes (cans, boxes, and, etc.) this kitten found itself stuck moving forward or backwards.

Resorting to meowing to get the attention of her mother, the sounds alerted these kind humans she needed help.

Once out, to protect themselves from what’s practically a tiny, black fluff of mini angry razor mittens, they wrapped the baby cat in a hand towel, a purr-ito if you will.

This kitty’s not having the best morning.

Unfortunately, gentle force wasn’t enough to get the kitten’s head out of the fog light housing so, as we heard in the video, they carefully cut it off.

How do we know this?

Maria commented this update on another video after her Instagram reel went viral (5.4M views and counting.)

“The cat was let go,” Maria comments.

“We got to remove the metal piece. (The) cat (is) back with its mommy.”

My best guess is the co-worker drove it back to her home and looked for a bigger black stray Mom cat to hand it off too.

A happy ending to what could’ve been a lot worse.

Can you imagine if she had a longer commute? Yikes!

Also, what a real life Hellcat!


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