If you’re wondering what the Tesla Model 3 in its full production form will look like, wonder no more.

It’s been a full two weeks since Elon Musk tweeted out a video of what he called the, “candidate version” of the production ready Tesla Model 3 and since then the Tesla Model 3 has been roaming around Palo Alto undisguised. According to our motoring friends over at Edmunds on their report they dropped earlier today (Apr. 6, 2017) there are a few definitive photos of what the Tesla Model 3 will look like when it’s produced and from some of the shots, these look as close to production as anything. Check out a full gallery of photos below as well as that video Musk tweeted.

Jalopnik M3

The Tesla Model 3 has been one of the most successful cars as far as pre-orders are going. As of today, Tesla has secured more than 400,000 reservations with each reservation costing $1,000. Elon Musk seriously wants to produce this newest Tesla Model 3 at a record pace. That means producing 430 thousand Tesla Model 3’s by the end of 2018. Tesla recently reported Q1 production numbers at 25,000. Musk will have at least triple production rates to meet his marks.

Keen eyes will notice that the Tesla Model 3 is being driven next to a BMW 3-series in a lot of the photos suggesting that Tesla is benchmarking a luxury marquee brand next to this Model 3.

Overall, when compared to the Tesla Model 3 they unveiled at their studios in Hawthorne, California last year, this production Tesla Model 3 seems more toned down and in line with its older brother, the Tesla Model S.

In addition, since its unveiling spy shots have caught glimpses of the interior as well but there are no surprises. We can expect no dashboard except a single center display with all the Tesla Model 3’s telemetry data and some vehicle controls.

Tesla plans to begin deliveries of the first Tesla Model 3’s in July with the first batch going to employees for a round of Beta testing (however you won’t find Tesla calling it Beta testing.) Most likely any faults found with the Tesla Model 3 will be fixed before the next batch is made. Quality issues have plagued several Tesla Model S’s as well as Tesla Model X’s as of late and Musk will definitely be hammering on making sure everything goes off without a hitch.


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