A news helicopter caught this wild turkey dashing across a busy interstate with ice in its veins.

Turkey and man across Interstate I-95 that stretches from Florida all the way to New York have co-existed together for the better part of 60 years since the Interstate was founded in 1957. But the fear of turkey to speeding cars clearly hasn’t reached this fowl. According to our friends over at the Portland Press Herald on their report on this bird with no fear they dropped earlier today (Apr. 7, 2017) a turkey was caught on camera making a mad dash across in Interstate with disregard to any traffic laws and dangers. Check out the video below!

The turkey first is caught traversing one set of lanes of traffic with cars traveling at full speed. Cars swerve out of their way to avoid the bird in its path.  The turkey then crosses into another set of lanes and successfully crosses over two lanes but isn’t so fortunate on the fast lane. A traveling car at speed spots the turkey a little to late and clips the bird, although not fatally injuring it. The turkey takes flight and makes its way to the brush on the other side where other turkeys are brooding around.

This isn’t the first time as of late that turkey’s and cars have gotten into a mixup. Not more than two weeks ago a turkey crashed through a windshield in Indiana  Fortunately, no one was hurt in that incident except for the turkey and the battle scars on the truck.

Another state trooper, not two days later encountered a large turkey that also flew through its windshield with disregard for its own life and to the detriment of the police department’s fleet. Also in that incident, no passengers were harmed.

Contrary to popular opinion Turkey’s are fast moving birds. Their large size may pin them as slow moving birds but powerful legs and huge wings make these birds amongst the fastest of North American fowl. Turkeys can run as fast as 25 MPH, that’s world record speed for humans. Usain Bolt was clocked at 28 MPH. In flight, turkeys can reach 55 MPH.


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