A Spanish automotive website said, “¡Lo que sea!” and published the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon photo before you’re supposed to see it.

Dodge has spent more than four months constantly teasing the Dodge Challenger Demon with little hints and videos and it looks like all their efforts to release official images on their own terms was blown out of the water! According to the Spanish Motoring News Motor.es on their exclusive photo they published earlier today (Apr. 9, 2017) they’ve blown the cover on what the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is supposed to look like. Check out the photo for yourself below and revel in all its “more powerful than a Hellcat” looks below!

Dodge Demon
2018 Dodge Demon

First impressions are that it looks more subtle than what it was hyped to be. We were expecting some outlandish wheel and tire combo combined with wider fender flares and a more ostentatious front end. Instead, if you didn’t know what we were looking at, it looks like any normal Dodge Challenger with some bolt on fenders and a hood you color matched from a JEGS catalog. As for what it finally looks like, the results are a bit anticlimactic.

What really matters is what’s under the hood. What we do know is that Dodge has beefed up the Hellcat powertrain and drivetrain to deliver more than 707 HP. Rumors peg the final numbers to be around 757 HP with some publications claiming 900 HP (which is a bit ludicrous but hey….the Demon hype is real!)

Recent videos showcase the Dodge Demon using its air conditioner to pre-cool supercharger air to provide all power in the most demanding conditions. In addition to that party trick, if you have enough Octane in the gas tank you can switch between regular octane and 100 octane race fuel.

All details will be dropped two days from now when the Dodge Demon makes its debut at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Who knows, Dodge might drop full details on this Demon a little earlier now that the cat is out of the bag on its exterior design.


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