SuperSpeedersRob gave away a clean 1998 BMW M3 to one of his loyal Youtube subscribers to enjoy but instead that person has now listed the BMW up for sale. 

In an ideal world, when you put a bit of heart and soul into giving away a special prize for someone to enjoy, you expect just that, that someone will actually enjoy it for a bit. But for Rob Ferretti and his 1998 BMW M3 that he gave away, that was not the case. According to the ever-vigilant eyes on the car world /r/cars off Reddit earlier yesterday (Apr. 11,2017), one of its subscribers spotted a very familiar car pop up on his local Craigslist.

With a distinct livery and a unique sticker package showcasing that this is indeed SuperSpeedersRob’s giveaway M3, it was easy to identify this car as the one that Rob gave away not a month before. Although that ad has since been flagged for removal from Craigslist, someone was smart enough to make mirror a link to all the photos. Check out the unabashed set of ad photos below!

Clean Title 1998 BMW M3 E36 $9500 (Sacr..

As this was posted on Reddit and Rob Ferretti is known to be an active member of /r/cars, naturally, someone tagged him in the thread to get his two cents on his giveaway M3 being sold so quickly. According to Rob,

“Ideally the guy would have kept it longer, I was just tagged in Instagram videos of him (or someone else doing drift sessions in the car). I offered to sell it for him at the time that he won it, so I wouldn’t have to ship it and he would get top dollar for it. He said he wanted to keep it. He said he was happy with the car and it gets recognized whenever he drives it.

Ultimately it’s his car and he can do what he wants, was just hoping he would have enjoyed it longer given the cost and effort associated with me shipping it across the country and traveling to give it away. I am sure whoever buys it will appreciate it though. It’s not a perfect car but its fun for what it is.”

Although Rob gives off a “Devil-may-care” air of confidence in his response, we can’t help but chronicle how long he’s been thinking about this project. Half a million subscribers on Youtube is no small feat. According to his playlist on the M3 build and giveaway, he’s been thinking about this M3 giveaway car for the better part of two years. As someone who’s watched events unfold up until the giveaway, a lot of time, sweat, and effort went into bringing the M3 up to snuff, shipping it out to Sacramento, and putting the effort into flying all the way to Northern California himself. His actions clearly show he held up his side of the bargain and is a man of his word.

Although legally anyone can do just about anything with a gift that has been given to them including regifting it or reselling it among other things the giftee definitely broke that internal bro-code innate to all bros. If someone takes the time to give you something of value, you’ll at least enjoy it for an appropriate amount of time.

We hope if someone does end up buying this M3 that he’ll give it the care this car deserves. It’s a great example of a BMW and has a unique history that only fans of all things cars on the internet would undertsand.


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