This eight-year-old boy managed to learn how to drive based off Youtube videos all so he could buy a cheeseburger. 

When you’re a young kid with no priorities, distractions, and a limitless imagination, for better or for worse, the sky’s the limit to as what you can achieve. According to WFMJ News in Ohio earlier today (Apr. 12, 2017) an eight-year-old boy managed to drive with his four-year-old sister all the way to McDonald’s so he could buy a cheeseburger for her. You’ll be glad to know that no one was hurt and the boy managed to follow all traffic laws. Read on for all the details.

According to East Palestine Officer Jacob Koehler,

…the boy pulled up to the drive-thru window of the restaurant at around 8 p.m. Sunday after driving from his home where his parents were sleeping about a half mile away.

It looks like watching those YouTube videos paid off as the police reported that the young driver stopped for all lights and kept within the speed limits. While the kids waited for their grandparents to pick the pair up reportedly either the police or the McDonalds employees hooked the kids up as they did get to chow down on some McDonalds. No charges were filed.

Although this story has a happy ending, we can’t gloss over the fact that what this kid did was extremely dangerous. Car keys should be kept out of reach of young children at all times, especially when you have adventurous children that are smart enough to take advantage of a situation like napping parents.

Then again, can we really get to made at a responsible, young driver that followed all the rules of the road and was probably more road aware than most drivers today?

After all, kids who start out young in racing usually start at the young age of five to seven to develop all the right skills for driving. We think this kid has a knack for driving and has the spatial awareness to handle tricky situations. Get this kid in a kart now!


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