BMW finally pulled the covers off its BMW 8-series concept on Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms and it’s got fans of the 8-series thumping their chests ala Wolf of Wall Street.

Perhaps BMW saw the writing on the wall that millennials with a bit of cash who idolized these grand tourers of their childhood might want to drop some coin on a new one themselves. According to BMW all over social media and on an official press release earlier yesterday (May 25, 2017) BMW has officially took the covers off its BMW 8-series concept. Have a look at all the graceful proportions that is the new 8-series below. BMW even dropped a little trailer for you to enjoy.

According to BMW, what you see is most likely what you’ll get from concept to production car. Many of the elements that made the 90’s BMW 8-series great makes its own return in this new 8-series. First, there’s the overall shape with a long hood, a short rear deck, and a B-pillarless side profile. Thanks to a low roofline and an upwards sloping cockpit, if you squint hard enough, you can see similarities between the 8-series of yore from the rear and this new one. And like the old one, Hofmeister kink, it’s there. Absent from the front are the pop-up headlights. You didn’t expect that in 2017 did you?

8-series concept
BMW 8-series concept

BMW was sure to distinguish itself from the likes of Mercedes and Lexus who have grand tourers of their own in the S-Class Coupe and Lexus LC500. While both those cars might swing the dial more towards luxury, this BMW 8-series is unabashed about its sporting pedigree pretenses.

Inside, the cabin is design to be more of a cockpit than a luxurious throne room. Rather than the be luxury car that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe or Lexus LC500 are, the 8 Series Coupe’s interior is designed more in the realm of an Aston Martin DB11.

8-series concept
BMW 8-series concept interior

No word on what lies underneath the hood of this concept or what they plan on putting underneath but we can guess they’ll stuff a twin-turbo V8 N63 which should give it more than enough oomph. Although the 8-series wasn’t meant to be a canyon carver, BMW has always given it enough power to satisfy its buyers.

BMW says this car will be available next year. Until then, we’ll continue salivating at pictures.


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