This Pennsylvania speeder got the police to actually type out the best reason ever for his speeding ticket.

Details were few and far between on this Pennsylvania resident’s speeding ticket but like the best introduction to a paper ever written (/s), buckle your seat belts, boys and girls, because we’re going to learn a thing or two about the best reason for a speeding ticket ever. This particular bro goes by the name of William Delgado Camacho and according to his latest cover photo that has been making the rounds of the internet since earlier this week (May 22, 2017), Mr. Camacho may have immortalized the best reason given for why he was speeding. The enforcing traffic officer typed out, “I just wanted to hear the turbo whistle” as the official reason. There you go. We’ve embedded what the photo looks like below! And just in case that photo disappears, click here to see it for yourself. 

That’s it. It looks like although he didn’t get out of the ticket, Mr. Delgado chose honesty as the best policy. We can only imagine the conversation went like this between the police officer and William.

Officer: “So I caught you going 65 in a 40.”

William: “Ya, sorry about that. It’s just that I wanted to hear the turbo.”

Officer: “What?

William:” That’s right, you see this car has an aftermarket blow-off valve and I set it to be extra loud. It sounds the best when I really get on it.

Officer: *Types out reason and hands ticket while sighing* Try to keep it within a reasonable speed next time.

Since William graciously set this photo to public (with comments turned off) it’s been shared more than 10,000 times. If you click on to who shared it and the caption they put, most are saying, “Sames” or tagging a friend with forced induction.

As for most ridiculous tickets ever, this reason definitely is in contention with the teen who pulled into a McDonalds and didn’t realize she was being pulled over.

And as for William Camacho, although he may remember this ticket fondly for getting him his 15-minutes of fame, having to pay off his fine will leave a sore reminder to keep his speeds down.


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