High definition security cameras catch some would be miscreant wheel thieves in the act.

When you’ve got millions of dollars in inventory and property to protect, it would behoove a car dealership to install some good security cameras. This Canadian Chevrolet dealership did just that. According to BIL Security on their official YouTube upload earlier this week (May 24, 2017) one of their clients, Murray Chevrolet in Winnipeg, Canada, found out firsthand why a good security system is a worthwhile investment. A couple of wheel thieves were caught in the act and were arrested by local police within minutes of them beginning to unlock a couple of wheels. Check out the entire debacle below and revel in just how good that footage looks!

According to BIL Security,

A suspicious van was seen at a local dealership that was recognized from a previous theft. The two suspects were seen trying to steal wheels off a Chevy Truck. Police were called right away! The thieves tried fleeing through a nearby field but were arrested a short time later. Another BIL bust!!

We think the uploader’s description sums up what happened quite nicely. Thankfully, BIL security also dropped the make and model of the camera used in at this particular dealership. Produced by Hikivision USA, just one unit of this “Made in China” camera cost a cool $2.4K dollars. But for that money, you get 1920×1080 footage, the ability to zoom in and track perpetrators by 36x and capabilities to see in low-light situations, like this dealership.

Suppose this thief wasn’t brave enough to steal more than four wheels and tires. With an OEM Wheel costing somewhere in the realm of $400 and quality tires costing Chevrolet $100 a piece, the dealership would’ve been out $2,000 with that theft alone.

A good security system is always a worthwhile investment. We’ve never heard anyone saying they spent way too much on their security system. As an added bonus, when their security system catches these thieves in the act, you’ll have the footage to brag about for future reference.


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