Japanese Classics LLC has an interesting, yet somewhat common, 1991 Toyota Corolla wagon for sale.

With the R32 Nissan GT-R being legal to import being the harbinger of a flood of imported Japanese cars into the U.S. market, interest in importing one of these rare breeds has picked up considerably. Usually, enthusiasts pick an exciting and engaging car to import but according to Japanese Classics LLC, these unassuming LHD cars do have a purpose. Earlier this week (May 24, 2017) JCL listed this quite vanilla looking 1991 Toyota Corolla G-Touring wagon for sale. With a fuel sipping 1.5L under the hood, why would anyone choose such a car to spend their money on? Japanses Classics LLC had a real good answer.  Check out a couple of photos of this uncommon…errr…common car below!

In Japan, this seventh generation Toyota Corolla was sold and was available in wagon trim in G, L and a high-performance BZ touring trim levels. The BZ Touring engine option had the barn burning 4A-GE 20 valve engine of Initial D yore. This particular Corolla on sale is a G-touring trim level and has the more pedestrian 5A-FE with just 104 HP and 100 lb-ft.

The rest of the given specs are as follows,

4sp A/T, Cold A/C, 14” Enkei Rivazza Wheels, Recaro SR3 Seat, Momo Steering Wheel, Factory Optional Cupholders. Offered at $7,995.

So when someone commented that someone would regret importing this Corolla wagon, Japanse Classics LLC had a great response that shed some light on the matter.

We bring in vehicles like this for rural route mail delivery, they tend to sell fairly quickly.

Oftentimes in rural areas, personal vehicles are used as mail carrier vehicles. Typically, small cars are preferred for their fuel-saving attributes, and small wagons are even more popular with their ability to carry large amounts of mail. But with the USDM market cars being RHD, doing any type of carrier route job from the driver’s seat either requires you to get out of your vehicle or you’ll need some special modification readily at hand. These imported LHD Corollas take care of that inconvenience and would probably speed up a delivery route.

All too often we think of the car market in terms of just the enthusiast. It’s usually the car enthusiast whose most informed and is the loudest majority that frequents these car import services. But the larger majority of car buyers aren’t enthusiasts. And when you look at cars like your regular average joe does, these LHD Corollas don’t seem all that strange to drop cash on after all.


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