In these tempestuous times, Musk took to Twitter to answer a couple of questions before Tesla’s shareholder meeting later tomorrow.

If you’ve ever wondered if Elon Musk prefers boxers or briefs, we might have an answer for you. According to Musk himself on Twitter earlier today (Jun. 5, 2017) when asked if he preferred boxers or briefs, Musk answered that “Wearing anything at all is just a conspiracy by the capitalist running dogs of Big Underwear.” Keep in mind that Musk’s responses to these questions are to be taken tongue and cheek, but whose to say there might be a bit of truth in his admission. Check out that tweet for yourself below.

According to the Huffington Post, when surveyed on what kind of undergarments most men wear, while most people admitted to wearing boxers over briefs, three percent of respondents did admit to going commando (a.k.a. freeballing it.) Besides the practical reasons for not going commando including avoiding jock itch, having to deal with extra…moisture, and needing to laundry your pants more often, there’s a hint of a “Devil may care” attitude to forgoing any type of underpants. If the “going commando” type of person is characterized as a bit eccentric, going against the grain, and one to try something new, it’s arguable that Musk would fit into that mold.  We already know that Musk goes for the button down look when wearing a polo instead of the more acceptable one button’d fare.

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In all seriousness, Musk’s admission does look like a bit of PR work and is just his nature to respond with jokes, especially after Tesla took a beating in the news this morning. Toyota seems to be cutting ties with the California company after six years because now they’re rivals, investors want fresh blood in the boardroom against Tesla’s wishes, and the car insurance company AAA has raised their rates on those opting for their electric cars due to Teslas being involved in more claims that result in higher repair costs. Despite their stock dropping a couple of points in the midst of this news in the early morning, by the afternoon, their stock has since rebounded from $338.50 at the opening bell to $346.70.

Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting is tommorow so we’ll be keen to see what actual questions Musk fields from Twitter from the list of replies coming in.


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