Just like your girlfriends will change the color of her hair or add highlights to herald a new age in her life, Toyota has taken a similar route with their CH-R crossover to signal a shift in attitude to how they want people to see their hybrids. With just 144 HP and 139 lb-ft paired to a CVT, the CH-R is slow. Toyota was light on the details but they assured us that this Hy-Power concept is more powerful than its gas version and its styling cues reflect how badass the production version will be.

Toyota CH-R Hy-Power Concept
Toyota CH-R Hy-Power Concept

Toyota’s diamond design language on its own is pretty polarizing. It’s a cavalcade of corners, hard edges, and an absence of curves that’s supposed to appeal to the youths. Afterall, this was supposed to be a Scion. Taking a cue from its diamond theme, Toyota will turn, “Carbon into Diamonds” where all the burnt orange styling cues hint at a molten core underneath (The floor is boring styling!)

Toyota CH-R Hy-Power Concept
Toyota CH-R Hy-Power Concept

Outside you get a Dark carbon silver matt finished paint. ┬áIn addition, the lower, front lip spoiler and the area above the Toyota logo are gloss black. Accenting this dark chrome pattern are the 20-inch rims. Around the pillars, mirrors, headlamps and in the grill are burnt orange accents. Unlike some car manufacturers who’ll add some bolt-on fenders and spoilers to add a bit of aggressiveness, the stock sheet metal is still used on thy Hy-Power concept.

The same burnt orange trim theme can be found inside with accenting on headrests, bolsters, seat quilting patterns, door panels and arm rests.

I think the accenting on the exterior and interior adds a certain flair that makes a typical CH-R look just a tad more sinister. I’m getting a Haloween-y vibe with this particular color combo which I’m sure Toyota wasn’t going for, but it does add to the dark-side look that the average passerby might get in Frankfurt.

Without details on the powertrain, there’s really nothing else to blog about this concept. Hopefully, its final power figures and all-electric range live up to its colorful hype.


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