Have you ever driven by an exceptionally good looking utility pole and wondered if your mid-sized SUV can handle the weight of such a fine piece of American public good craftsmanship? Wonder no more! Jacksonville police in Florida pulled over two individuals who thought it was a good idea to strap a full sized utility pole to the roof of their Kia Sorento in an attempt to haul it away. Check out the proof from Jacksonville PD below.

Keep in mind that Hurricane Irma just ripped through a good part of the state of Florida and many people are still without power. It’s one thing when mother nature takes out your power but it’s another thing entirely when a couple of boneheads decide they’re going to sell a utility pole for scrap metal and leave thousands without power as a result.

On one hand, you obviously have to be completely upset at these two men for pulling off this hair brained theft. On the other hand, I’m sort-of impressed. That utility pole has to weigh in the vicinity of 800-1000 pounds. How did they manage to hoist that chunk of metal a few feet off the ground onto their KIA? Are they county champions at the Scottish Highland games?

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Even with all that weight on the roof, how is that their Sorento was not slammed to the ground with its coil springs maxed out?

I also can’t overlook that little white shirt tied to the end of the pole. At least they were being concerned with the safety of other drivers on the road. I’m also fairly certain that rag should be red.

There you have it, folks. If you need to haul an industrial sized utility pole and don’t have a truck, don’t be discouraged, that mall crawler in your driveway can do the job juuuuust fine.


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