A good dyno pull not only confirms just how much power you’re packing underneath the hood, they’re also fun to watch. But when you’ve got an above ground dyno booth setup at a car meet or fair, most dyno pulls there are  just good ol’ fashioned fun and becomes a contest of whose got the most powerful car of the bunch. A quick way for you to boost those dyno numbers is to ghetto fog, or spraying nitrous oxide right into your intake or turbo. Although highly unorthodox and dangerous, people do it anyway. This guy found out the hard way just how much pressure is behind an NO bottle when he mucks up this ghetto fog attempt.

Check out the video below!


The pressure in a nitrous oxide bottle can easily exceed 1,500 PSI depending on how hot the bottle is. On a warm day, a nitrous bottle is holding at least 1,000 psi of the liquid nitrous oxide. Valve bodies on nitrous bottles meter out a set amount of nitrous oxide at a manageable flow rate. Most people who attempt a ghetto fog will brace themselves and/or the bottle before they twist the nitrous open.

The nitrous shoots out extremely fast, but not so much as to knock you over. The valve on this extra large bottle of nitrous must have malfunctioned because such a huge amount of nitrous came shooting out at a rate much faster than normal. And like a physics lesson in real life, the nitrous gas pushed the poor guy back, off his ladder, and off the dyno unit completely.

It looks like he came out uninjured with nothing but a bruised ego as he stood clearly stunned from the botched dyno run. And as this was posted on the internet, this video will live on in perpetuity a.k.a. he’s never going to live this down.

The lesson of the day seems to be not to ghetto fog. But if you’re going to do it, make sure your bottle is legit, you know how to operate it, and you’re somewhat familiar that the engine can take an extra kick in the pants without blowing its engine, and consequently a piece of the block into your face.


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