When you’re shopping for a motorcycling jacket you definitely want one that doesn’t skimp on safety features. This motorcyclist on twitter shopping for a softshell jacket on Amazon came across one of the most amazing reviews possible, a real-life accident review from a previous buyer complete with picture and story. Check out the review by clicking here and take a look at the awesome accident photo showcasing the moment of impact complete with the softshell jacket in full view.

According to the Amazon review roughly translated from Japanese, the motorcyclist was traveling at about 30 MPH when a car turned sharply into his path of travel. He collided with the car, tumbling over his bike and presumably didn’t land too far. Thankfully the jacket he was wearing had key protected areas, most importantly one on his chest that he credits for keeping his bones and major organs safe upon impact.

Since we have protection in major areas where we can not hope for a perfect function recovery if we take damage with the human body, we can ride a motorcycle with some peace of mind. I appreciate the points that can protect chest without putting trouble to put on with chest protection of separate type.

The rider goes on to say that he was able to “walk it off” and make it back home although it’s not clear if he required some minor medical help afterward.

The jacket in question is manufactured by Komine, a Japanese company that produces mainly safety wear for motorcyclists that runs the gamut from gloves to full racing suits. This particular softshell jacket, JK-579, is advertised to have optional hard protectors on key areas, particularly the chest, back, and sides that the user can add or omit depending on taste (although we don’t see why you wouldn’t always have them on.)

The Komine jacket, JK-759

The Twitter user who discovered the review loved the review so much he bought it himself!

Kudos to Komine for making a top-notch product and not cheaping out on materials, especially on those hard protectors.

And priced at about $160, if I ever get enough courage and technical riding prowess to daily something small like a Honda Ruckus or Rebel, you’d better believe I’ll consider buying this jacket for those possible cold morning rides.


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