When you invest three years building a house quite literally in the middle of nowhere, you’d better throw in a couple of perks to get buyers interested. Desperate to drum up some interest in the house and property, this real estate agent in San Luis Obispo, Calif decided to include a $100,000 Tesla Model X with the purchase of the house. The press release for the house hasn’t given us any specifics on the what kind of Tesla Model X but presumably at that price level it’s at least a P100D. Check out a couple photos of the property below as well as a snippet from the press release.

Imagine if your way home included driving your new Tesla X over a gentle rising crest of the coastal hills to your very own 40-acre estate right on the Pacific Ocean.

6.75M House

In reality, the Tesla Model X is just a gimmick thrown in to justify such a large price for a house. Similarly priced houses closer to civilization (a grocery store and city plumbing) a couple miles away cost a third of the price.

For what you pay you do get 40 acres of private property so if it’s seclusion you want or room to raise some horses by the seaside, this might be the place for you. Then again you’ll have to bring in a large water truck every so often to refill your 15,000-gallon tank, not to mention taking care of such a large property as the seasons come and go. And consider that the nearest Starbucks is 20 miles away!

We’ve circled where your house will be compared to your nearest neighbors.

The house makes its debut on Oct 28, 2017 and it’s by invitation only. And yes, the Tesla Model X in question will be in attendance.


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