A team of vloggers including Youtube OG content creator Casey Neistat pulled off one of the best Halloween stunts we’ve ever seen. According to Youtuber Jesse on his official Youtube video, he dropped earlier today (Oct. 30,2017) a couple of electric motorbikes were converted into Star Wars Speeder Replicas before they were let loose on the streets of New York. In addition to the Speeders from the Rebel Alliance wrecking havoc was Casey Neistat himself in a Storm Trooper outfit giving chase in a similarly outfitted speeder. Check out the video for yourself below and let us know what you think about this latest viral video in the comments.

Not only did Youtuber Jesse drop the official Star Wars Speeder video, Casey also dropped a behind-the-scenes video as well shortly after the first video release. Even though Casey’s video is a couple of hours newer, it already has a couple thousand more views than the official speeder video.

We do get to see all the planning that went into making this video a reality. Being this is New York in this day in age, pulling off any type of official hi-jinks is cause to let the police know, which is exactly what Casey and his team did. It’s surreal to see the speeders running around town in the middle of the day in normal everyday traffic. Despite slowing down some drivers on the way to wherever they’re going, it looks like most people who encountered the speeders got a kick out of their shenanigans.

This is certainly not the first time Casey Neistat has pulled off this sort of stunt in the middle of New York traffic. Late just last year Casey infamously filmed himself snowboarding on empty NY Streets. That video racked up 16 million views.

Two years before that Youtuber Jesse partnered with Casey to pull off Aladdin and his “magic carpet ride” as he “floated” through the streets of New York to everyone’s delight.

This latest Star Wars speeder video definitely raises the creativity bar between the two Youtubers. We’ll be keen to see what they come up with next.


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