It seems people with information on James Dyson’s revolutionary new electric car can’t seem to keep their mouths shut as Dyson’s CEO is once again in the news for bringing an alleged blabbermouth to court. According to Bloomberg news earlier today (Nov. 15, 2017) Max Conze, a former Chief executive of Dyson is accused of divulging company information to a third party as well as using company resources to further his personal interests, not in line with the success of the company. Conze vehemently denied these claims.

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Dyson, known more for its fancy fans and vacuums, has plans to launch its own EV by 2020. No small task, a large amount of R&D is presumably needed to bring this idea to fruition. And knowing Dyson’s reputation for revolutionary products, this car would be a significant investment for the largely electronics based company.

James Dyson allegedly says Max Ponce breached their contract by sharing information about the electric car among other projects that the company is involved in. Conze thinks these allegations are plain ridiculous.

“This ridiculous allegation is merely trying to distract attention from the claims that Dyson know I am about to issue,” he said in a statement. Dyson’s sales and profits tripled during his six years in charge, he said.

This certainly isn’t the first time someone has blabbed to another company in regards to Dyson’s secret electric car program as earlier this year we learned about how Dyson prevented the hiring of Pierre Pellerey to Tesla after Dyson found out that he had divulged plans about an electric car to one of Tesla’s lawyers.

Per Wire, Dyson “announced” his plans to the world that he was going to build an electric car early this year after sending a staff email highlighting the hiring of more than 400 employees with ongoing recruitment for the electric car project.

With 2020 just a mere two years away, we’re sure that plans about their electric car are more than just that and some real R&D is going on. After all this court drama, something’s telling me that James Dyson has set a precedent to its employees that nothing better be leaked, and if something does, it’s not only their job on that’ll be on the line, but also their reputation.


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