If you’re planning on buying an EV in 2022 and are adamant about getting a Honda. Honda says they’ve got you covered with 15 min charges times and 150 miles of range.

For new electric car offerings, two important stats seem to be how fast can you charge up and what kind of range can you get out of that charge. According to Nikkei’s Asia edition earlier yesterday (Nov. 22,2017) Honda is claiming that in five years you’ll be able to buy any of their EV’s and will be able to charge it up in 15 mins with 150 miles of range. The standard right now seems to be 30 minutes for a quick charge so cutting that time in half would be a monumental leap for Honda.

Key to this claim will be Honda’s ability to make a battery that can live up to the hype. Right now, Honda sources its batteries from Panasonic. Honda is aiming to make its own electric battery, capable of a high-capacity quick charge, partnering with someone else.

In addition, Honda will work on making their EV’s light enough and more efficient to enable their cars to carry that charge farther, at least 150 miles farther.

Unlike Tesla, which has a proprietary network of fast charging superchargers, Honda will most likely rely on the commitment of other countries having fast DC chargers up and running by the time Honda’s fleet of EV’s comes out.

Honda took the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show by storm with the introduction of two new EV concepts; a Sports EV Concept and an Urban EV Concept. Both concepts presumably share parts but the Sports EV concept has got a lot of Honda fans excited for the future of EV motoring.

Honda Sport EV Concept
Honda’s Sports EV Concept
Honda Urban EV Concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Although Honda hasn’t announced any plans to make a modular EV platform for a majority of its upcoming EV vehicles, I couldn’t see a scenario where Honda first doesn’t develop such a platform.

I reported earlier last week that GM is also ramping up plans for their EV lineup, first by introducing a variable and capable modular EV platform that serve as the foundation for its EV lineup.

Even Toyota has ramped up R&D on electrification strategies for the rest of its lineup.

Five years is a long time from now and the world of EV’s can rapidly change at a moments notice. I’ll be keen to see just how quickly Honda lives up to its promise.


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