Youtuber ItsJustA6 found out quite comically that even though this older gentleman seems like a nice guy, with 707 HP at his disposal, he won’t hesitate to lay the smack down on any car that dares to drag race him.

If you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s in the good ol’ days of Detroit Muscle and cheap gas, it’s a good time to be alive if you want something new and are hankering to relive your glory days. Youtuber ItsJustA6 dropped a video earlier in October that started to pick up steam thanks to a Reddit thread that dropped earlier this week (Nov. 23,2017.) In this video, while cruising along on the highways of Louisiana, his curiosity gets the best of him when he pulls up next to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Check out the video below! This one’s a doozy!

This C6 Corvette that ItsJustA6 is driving is no slouch. He’s got a couple of videos of his Corvette doing all sorts of runs so presumably, he’s got some serious work underneath the hood. A couple of hashtags like #Supercharger and #Widebody  confirm this suspicion.

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Like flashy bait to a fish, he’s initially drawn into a Dodge Challenger Hellcat he sees cruising. In the universal language of, “Let’s give it a go” he stabs his throttle for a couple of bursts while he’s running right beside him. After pulling up next to him more than one time, downshifting, and giving it the full beans, they’re both shocked to see themselves get walked by this factory muscle. And that’s not all. In the driver’s seat is what looks to be an older gentleman in his 60’s.

Towards the end, they exchange a few pleasantries before going their separate ways, but not before giving it one last pull.

It warms the cockles of my heart to see this older fella still having the time of his life in some real deal muscle.

One has to wonder where cars will be that far down the road in the equivalent amount of time.


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