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Spoon Sports authorizing another run of their super popular SW388 wheels

SW388 wheels are coming back

The almighty Spoon Sports SW388, one of the most popular aftermarket wheel in JDM history, is being re-released after what looks like an official announcement from their authorized reseller. There are new sizes too!

Finding a set of SW388 might just get a little easier now that Spoon Sports is officially getting a feeling of what kind of sizes to make. According to Gaijin Garage on their facebook post earlier today (Dec. 4, 2017) they’ve declared that the SW388 is back and are currently asking for people to send them their e-mails on updates on what’s presumably a limited run of these super rare JDM wheels. And from the looks of the photo they shared, there are going to be some new sizes (the ones pictured are 18’s).Take a look at their announcements below and prepare to get hyped!

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Originally only coming in 15″ and 16″ sizes in certain offsets, many Honda enthusiasts who wanted larger sizes or different offsets had to either go to different colored Regamasters or a rep for this five-spoke design above 16″. It looks like Spoon is ready to introduce some new sizes. If you zoom in on their Instagram photo above (click here) you can see they’ve made some 18″ SW388’s on some 235 40 18 tires. That wheel size would be perfect for the new Civic, and if they came out with 19’s, for the Civic Type R.

Before, the SW388 was made in Russia’s Desmond wheel factory. But now, according to Gaijin Garage, they’re made in Japan!

Being forged aluminum these wheels are properly light. 15 inch SW388’s only come in at eight pounds while 16 inch SW388’s barely break 12 pounds. You can extrapolate a couple pounds added as the sizes increase.

Its design, which it shares with the Desmond Regamaster, is a simple five-spoke. Being so simple does have its drawbacks, mainly that it’s one of the most copied wheels in aftermarket wheel history. Rota wheels, an aftermarket wheel company in the Philippines famous for providing cheaper, lower quality copies of popular, more expensive rims, is one of the biggest offenders. Rota calls their copy the Rota Slip Stream and their flat black¬†color in 4×100 lug pattern make it almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Prices for real deal used SW388’s will put you back at least a grand. 15 inch SW388’s in decent condition will fetch $1,200 and above easily.

No word on how long we’ll have to wait, or how much they’ll cost but I’ve shot an e-mail to Gaijin Garage asking for details so I’ll update you on information as it comes in.

While this might not bode well for people hoarding their used SW388’s to resell for astronomical prices presuming Spoon never re-released these wheels, it’s good news for Honda enthusiasts everywhere.



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