We wanted to believe that Robert Kubica was coming back with Williams in Formula 1 for the 2018 season but it looks like those rumors have all been deemed false according to the latest news.

Ever since Robert Kubica announced that he would try his hardest to make a return to Formula 1, we’ve been watching with bated breath after every initiative from the Polish Driver put him one step closer to that reality. But according to Autoweek on their report on the 2018 Williams team and the future of this Polish wheelman from earlier yesterday (Dec 11, 2017) it looks like Williams are considering instead 22-year-old Russian Sergey Sirotkin based on performance but also an attractive sponsorship package that aims to bankroll the young driver and team.

Rumors started flying about a Robert Kubica comeback shortly after Felipe Massa announced his retirement from Formula one (for the second time.) Robert Kubica was favored to take over for Massa as one of the top contenders for his seat at Williams Martini Racing. Kubica tested with Williams at the 21017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Despite his impressive showing, it looks like Sirotkin’s data, who also tested at the same time, looked more convincing to Williams.

And if the deal with Sirotkin were to fall through, it looks like Williams would go to former Red Bull Driver Daniel Kvyat who is their fallback option.

Reserve driver, Paul DiResta, is also out of contention for the privilege of driving alongside Lance Stroll.

Although nothing is quite set in stone with no official announcement from Williams, Williams did say they hope to announce their 2018 drivers lineup before the end of the year. But if these reports are to be believed, it looks like all doors are closed to Kubica for 2018 in Formula 1.

Although Kubica tested well and is a brilliant driver in his own right, Formula 1 cars have changed heaps since Robert Kubica was campaigning behind the wheel for BMW and Renault. For experience, I wouldn’t put it past Sirotkin to be on the same level, if not better, than Kubica. And in a game of hundredths were performance matters, can we really blame Williams for logically going with the data?

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