Smokey Nagata of Top Secret Tuning is selling his one-of-a-kind Toyota Supra equipped with a one-off body kit and twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

It’s not often that just anyone gets the chance to own a piece of Japanese tuning history but early next year someone with a fat enough check will get that chance. According to BHAuction in Japan and their official ad listing for this special Supra that popped up earlier this week (Dec. 12, 2017) Smokey Nagata’s 1994 TopSecret TS8012V is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you don’t know who Smokey Nagata is or what this car is known for, I’ve posted this car’s most famous exploits for you to enjoy below.

Early millennials and those that got into the car tuning scene around the early 2000’s know this Top Secret Supra well thanks to early Youtube videos showcasing Dallas Nagata doing some downright crazy high-speed pulls of this same exact Supra all over the world. This Supra is probably most known for trying to set a goal of going 200 MPH on UK’s A1 expressway. The conditions were less than ideal, but Dallas Nagata went out anyway and hit 197 MPH, was jailed for a night, forced to pay a couple hundred dollars in fines and was restricted from driving on UK roads for a month. Totally worth it if you ask me. Suffice to say, this car is the stuff of legends.

First introduced in 2007, the whole premise of this car came out of pure frustration that Toyota had not come out with a successor to the MKIV Supra. Underneath the hood of this car is an engine swap of epic proportions. Ripping out the 1GZ-FE V12 engine from Toyota’s Century, which costs $90,000 new at the time, by the way, this was no ordinary swap. Thanks to that infamous gentleman’s agreement which limited power to 276 HP, this massive V12 had so much more to give.

Smokey unlocked that potential thanks two HKS GT2450 turbos. After all the supporting mods inside the engine and bolted on are put on, although Smokey hasn’t revealed the final power output numbers, estimates peg this beast to output 1,000 HP and more.

Outside, this bespoke Top Secret Aero kit is dubbed the Super G-Force widebody full kit and has the singular aim to make this car a 250+ MPH supercar.

Anyhow, it’s now for sale, which means that either Smokey needs the money because he’s moved on from tuning or he’s got something even wilder up his sleeves.

The auction date is set for January 12, 2018, so I’ll be keen to see how much it actually gets sold for. Early estimates say you’ll need at least $100,000.


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