If you were driving on highway 15 in Los Angeles on December 9 and stopped to pick up random cash, police would like you to return it.

Would you return cash that you found on the freeway now that you know it was involved in a bank robbery and really doesn’t belong to you? According to KTLA LA news on their report on a bank robbery gone awry they posted earlier yesterday (Dec. 12,2017) that random cash motorists stopped to pick up on the 15 freeway was thrown out by a bank robbery after robbing a Bank of America.

Per police reports and from witnesses, the robber, a 27-year-old San Diego resident, was being pursued by police in connection to a bank robbery in the Riverside area. The suspect was then seen throwing wads of cash onto the freeway with motorists pulling over collecting the strewn cash. To police, that cash is evidence and technically belongs to the bank.

As is the practice of the Sherriff’s office, the identity of the bank remains unknown but they did reveal that the bank was on the 29900 block of Canyon Hills Road. A quick google and anyone can see that only Bank of America does business in that area.

Sheriff’s officials asked anyone with information or who “can provide information toward the recovery of the evidence” to call dispatchers at 951-776-1099 or Lake Elsinore investigators at 951-245-3300.

If you’re like me and probably skeptical of the honesty of some people who suddenly gained a windfall of random money, you’re definitely not alone. Many people took to Twitter in response to KTLA’s report and posted up their feelings on the matter. I think this accurately represents how those people who actually found money feel.

Banks, as of late, don’t have the best reputation, especially when so many have come under scrutiny from the media thanks to their unsavory business practices.

But really. It’s stolen money. It doesn’t belong to you and you should return it. It should also be noted that the earliest report on this matter came up on Dec. 11, a good 24-hours after the incident. We’ll let you decide how urgent the police want that money back from just that alone.



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