Volkswagen admitted to this news source that they have a bonkers fast version of the VW Arteon.

It’s one thing to come out with a car with killer looks but when you combine those looks with some proper propulsion, you’ve got the ingredients for a real winner in any book. According to Autoblog on their most recent update on VW’s Arteon they posted about earlier today (Dec. 18, 2017) it looks like VW has a prototype of this CC successor that not only has one of VW’s range-topping engines, but also has VW’s legendary AWD system stuffed underneath the chassis. Now we’re talking. Before we move on, check out a couple of photos of just how good the Arteon looked in Geneva below!

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The mid and full-sized sedan market has dwindled as of late in response to a domination from consumers choosing SUVs and crossovers as their vehicle of choice. As such, car makers have had to really up their A-game when it comes to keeping consumers interested in their car offerings. Moreso from VW as they still have yet to live down Dieselgate as it continues to play out in what seems to be perpetuity.

The Volkswagen CC was always a popular and unique alternative from VW for a full-sized sedan. But even with an optional range-topping VR6 with 276 HP, the CC struggled towards the end of its product cycle. Now that VW has introduced its MQB based Arteon concept, some consumer interest definitely has picked up for this full-sized sedan.

Now, we have word from VW execs that this good-looking sedan might have a truly hot tamale spec version. This Arteon prototype has a turbocharged VR6 that makes upwards of 409 HP and distributes that power to all four wheels thanks to a 4WD Haldex system. Presumably, that means thanks to some clever ECU programming, the Arteon can distribute power to suit the driver’s needs.

The Arteon is already on sale in Germany and in all markets, is offered with three diesel and three gasoline engines. Good for us as the Arteon is already slated to come to the United States with its 2.0T.

I’d be remiss to not think that most Americans would love to have this prototype as an option.


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