Acura announced that they’re debuting the 2019 Acura RDX at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Acura is set to unveil its most dramatic and comprehensive redesign of its second best selling model and cash cow, the Acura RDX. According to Acura on an official press release they dropped today (Dec. 20, 2017) they are itching to take the covers off what they’ve described as the best performing and most premium RDX ever.

For the longest time, the RDX has lived in the shadow of its thousands dollars cheaper brother from another Honda mother, the CR-V. But this time, Acura has a couple of important differences that it’s bringing to the RDX to really give it a competitive edge over the CR-V and possibly put it in the running against more premium small crossover SUVs. Check out the teaser image they dropped for us below.

Acura made sure that this latest redesign puts it in line with the rest of its lineup. That means that, up front, this RDX will be getting a new front nose in the form of a Precision concept inspired look. Inside, Acura also takes bits and pieces from Acura’s precision concept and gave the interior a clean sheet design makeover with a new user interface and operating system.

Acura promises that this RDX will be the best performing RDX yet. That’s a bold claim considering this small crossover SUV has played host to a couple of hot engines itself. The first gen RDX saw Acura put a turbocharged K20 with a whopping 240 HP and 260 lb-ft. The second generation was even more bonkers with Acura stuffing its J35 V6 and all its 271 HP and 254 lb-ft routed through all four wheels thanks to SH-AWD. To top that means that Acura will probably crib the motor from the new Accord and its related Civic Type R engine with 252 HP and 273 lb-ft. Although the horsepower number might not be up to snuff, I’m sure if you compared the area under the curve, the Honda Accord and its turbocharged torque makes for more area and subsequently more usable power throughout the rev range.

Last but not least (and probably most importantly,)

the new RDX will be built on a new, Acura-exclusive platform

That’s a direct quote from the press release and that is absolutely important news. No longer will the RDX be related to the CR-V underneath it all, it will be totally different. It will have an Acura exclusive platform.

That means significant R&D has been put into making this RDX not only more premium looking than before but presumably a better handler and a more lively chassis underneath.

Yes, I’m excited to see what it looks like but I’m more excited to see someone whip it around a road course.

It’s going to be sweet and it’s going to sell well.


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