This Ohio based repair shop thinks someone out there will spend $6,000 for a completely wrecked Charger without an engine, transmission, or title.

Would you buy a car that flew 22 feet into the air, traversed over 134 feet, and landed straight on its own suspension literally wrecking the car in the process? According to Northeast Ohio Dukes on their for sale post they posted up earlier today (Dec. 28, 2017) they seem to think someone might just pull the trigger on this pile of metal. To put this for sale post into perspective, this isn’t just any 1969 Dodge Charger, this is one that was meticulously restored and then taken to Detroit where it was jumped exactly like in  The Dukes of Hazard to celebrate the 65th Annual Meguiar’s Detroit Autorama. Check out photos of the wrecked car below as well as a video of that fateful jump.

According to Northeast Ohio Dukes,

The world’s most watched and most famous General Lee jump in history is for sale. The General flew 22 feet hig and 134 feet long. We do not have a title, the charger is being sold as is. (/s)

To be fair, Dodge Chargers in food condition can still fetch a pretty penny these days and even a wrecked one is worth a bit of cash given how hard it is to find original body panels. But, if you do a bit of searching on your own, you can easily come up with some Charger shells that actually have titles, and often times, running engines and transmissions.

Here’s one I found in Texas for $10,000 which appears to be in far better condition then the wrecked they’re trying to sell.

This guy’s selling two Chargers for half the price of this wrecked General Lee.

From the looks of this wrecked Charger’s current condition, it looks like he has the space to let it sit for as long as he needs to before someone decides to pick it up.

If you’re hankering for a Charger project, this might be your ticket. If the price is to rich for your blood, you can expect this price to drop if no one picks it up.


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