Thanks to a new set of laws passed in 2017 you can legally get tint on your front windshield and side windows thanks to this one exception.

Up until now, if you wanted to tint your windshield and front side windows in California, you could only tint a strip on the top of your windshield up to a certain level or up to 70 percent VLT on your side windows. But according to KCRA on their update earlier today (Dec 28, 2017) on 18 California laws that have already gone into effect or do so at the stroke of midnight on New Years, you can now legally tint your windshield and front side windows presumably as dark as you need them thanks to this one new exception.

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According to Califonia AB 1303 that was passed in September,

Under the previous law, drivers were prohibited from having tint or any other material or display that “reduces the driver’s clear view through the windshield or side windows.” AB 1303 allows drivers with a medical condition certified by a dermatologist to tint their windshields, side and rear windows to protect them from ultraviolet rays.

For some individuals, their skin is very sensitive to the UVA and UVB spectrum of light. That means covering up and avoiding the suns rays is a must to stay healthy. Stock car windows usually don’t have any UV protection so driving around during the day can be a health hazard. Thankfully, some car window tints can greatly reduce that UV exposure.

Before this law, to tint your front and side windows was illegal. But now, with a note from your dermatologist, you legally can.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean anyone and everyone can get their windshield and side windows tinted. If you didn’t already realize, you actually have to have a medical condition that’s signed off by your dermatologist. If you don’t have a condition, tough luck.

Rest assured, you can count on some unsavory individuals pulled over for the illegal tint to lie that they actually do have a condition or will have a forged prescription. Police weren’t enlisted yesterday and will be well aware when you’re lying.

But for those with actual skin conditions, good news!

Keep in mind, there are window tints available which block UV rays without making your windows darker.


  1. We all lnow the sun is damaging especially places like Florida, Arizona, California, Texas with extreme sun and UV. So this is cruel ans unusual laws that government interference and should be revoked. They let stupid people make babies there’s no laws about that.

  2. your article is false, with or without a medical note, the tint still has to pass through 70% of light or no more than 30% tint, the burden of proof is on the prosecution


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