The big news from Acura at the 2018 NAIAS was that Acura’s will be getting an exclusive V6 Turbo amongst other reveals. Here are the first few details you need to know about Acura’s V6 Turbo.

The beloved J-series, the workhorse of Acura’s top of the line lineup now has a successor. According to Honda News in an official press release, they dropped earlier today (Jan 15, 2018) they’re introducing an all-new turbocharged V6 that’s exclusive to the Acura lineup. Acura was tightlipped about details, most importantly power figures, but it looks like I’ve already come across some very juicy details to share with you. Read on to find out how Acura is betting on tech for this all-new V6.

According to my source,

Details on the upcoming all-new Acura exclusive 3.0 turbo and the next generation of Acura’s:

– 3.0L turbo
– 60 Degree layout
– DOHC/chain driven 
– Full Continuous VTEC (all new VTEC system)
– Hybrid Turbo System (eCharger and Turbocharger or F1 System) 
– Every model with new 3.0t will be mild (48V) Hybrid (TLX Type-S, RDX Type-S, Base MDX and base RLX) or full Sport Hybrid, (higher spec’d MDX/RLX). 
– Revamped SH-AWD that can handle and distribute more torque.

Next-gen RLX 3.0t standard engine. 
Next-gen MDX 3.0t standard engine. 
Next-gen TLX 2.0t as a base and optional 3.0t engine (Type-S). 
Next-gen RDX 2.0t as a base and optional 3.0t engine (Type-S) 
Baby NSX”

First, we can put aside our hopes that this V6 Turbo engine will be coming out anytime soon. According to my source, this engine is still very much in the development phase and has yet to see some serious testing.

It should be noted that Acura already does have a V6 Turbo with their NSX. We already know how auto journalists have ranted and raved over how well Acura’s tech paired with its SH-AWD provides power where the turbocharged engine lacks torque without much thought from the driver. To put more simply, it’s a seamless system.

In addition, Honda has carried over its award-winning turbocharged engines over from Honda and are putting them to good use in its base-model Acura’s.

Acura has really laid out its vision moving forward as a sports car company with an emphasis on technology.

Here’s to hoping this new vision will translate into sales records.


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