This Nissan Altima managed to get some serious air and landed smack dab in the middle of a dental building on the second floor.

If you’ve got a dental appointment scheduled at 319 17 St. Dental in Santa Ana, Calif, you’re going to have to reschedule for a later date. According to NBC Los Angeles on their report from earlier this weekend (Jan. 14,2018) it looks like a car going well past the speed limit caught some serious air literally flying upwards and landing smack dab in the middle of a dental office. Although it wasn’t revealed if there were any passengers, the driver did manage to extricate himself from the vehicle but was left dangling, waiting for police to capture him. Check out some of the hard to believe photos for yourself below.

According to initial reports, the car itself wasn’t reported stolen, so this wasn’t a case of grand theft auto. However, police did find out that the driver was under the influence of drugs due to his own self-admittance.

In the report, police do mention that the car was driving perpendicular to 17 St. on French St. A quick look at Google Maps reveals that there’s a large concrete median separating opposing streams of traffic on the busy Santa Ana road. The median is sloped up coming from either direction so catching air is not out of the question. It’s possible to imagine a scenario where a car going well past the legal limit can launch itself several feet into the air. Unfortunately for him and the building owner, major damage caused by his buffoonery means this dental clinic will be closed for the foreseeable future while major repairs are undertaken.

Thankfully, since this happened in the wee hours of the morning, no one was in the building.

As this story has been circulating on social media, some choice comments have surfaced that sheds a lighter light on an awful, yet astounding situation. “The building now has a cavity,” said one commenter while another noted that, “Someone somewhere is standing there holding this guys beer.”

Freak accidents like this really do remind us to keep our heads on a swivel when driving out there as you’ll never know what kind of drivers are out there.

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