In this latest rumor making its way around the internet, it looks like the 14-year-old motorsport known for going sideways more than going fast, might have new owners soon, NASCAR!

In one of the vaguest posts to hit the internet to spark a truly crazy rumor, it looks like Formula Drift is making big moves in further commercialization and growth for the sport at large. According to, yes, Formula Derp off of Instagram from earlier today ( Jan 14, 2018) Formula Drift is selling or plans to sell its entire operation to the big Kahuna of American Motorsport, NASCAR. If this rumor has an ounce of truth, that means this motorsport would see some big changes, the likes of which the average fan can’t wrap his mind around. Check out the Instagram post for yourself below.

When Formula Drift kicked off its inaugural season back in 2004, few people knew about the sport outside of the competitors and a small knit drifting community that was hell-bent on bringing this popular Japanese motorsport onto US shores. Today, Formula Drift is a multi-million dollar endeavor with factory supported race teams, multiple rounds across the United States, sister series in Asia, and the “glamour” to attract international drifters to test their mettle against America’s best on our home turf.

More importantly, the sport attracts a young demographic, an age segment that NASCAR possibly finds appealing enough to exploit.

If NASCAR were to buy the series, NASCAR would do its best to make the sport as profitable as it can. That means a totally new approach to how they’re marketing the series, a push for more corporate sponsors literally everywhere, merchandise on merchandise popping up on digital platforms as well as brick and mortar stores, not to mention more rounds and possibly higher payouts for drivers.

With close to three dozen races at different tracks around the country, holding an FD event in key locations at the same time, before or after the main race, could attract the aforementioned younger fans to NASCAR races.

Then again, this could be nothing more than I think it is, just a rumor. But if it were true, what a different series it would become.


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