Sorry but not sorry, this Honda Civic Type R drifts better than you ever will in your entire lifetime. Yes, it’s front-wheel drive but that doesn’t matter.

Look man, you might have a sweet Nissan 240 or a Toyota Trueno AE-86 fitted out with wicked steering angle and the power to back it up but I’m going to have to break it to you. You will never drift as good as this front wheel drive Honda Civic Type R in Japan does. According to my homie in Japan who loves to post up only his best work on Twitter, he took his FD2 Honda Civic Type R (only available in Japan mind you) and ripped a mad drift the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself below and prepare a box of tissues because you’ll either cry because you can’t drift like this CTR does or you’ll, as Jeremey Clarkson says, have a crisis.

First of all, since this video was posted, he’s only gotten a handful of RT’s. If you’re on twitter, your job is to retweet this now and get that number up so more people can enjoy this masterclass of drifting.

This isn’t some low-speed FWD drifting like a lot of the videos out there but this is some full-on high-speed tandem drifting. To prove that he’s not messing around, he even got his track buddy in his big body RWD drift machine to tandem with him.

Go ahead and break your protractor out because this Honda Civic Type R pulled some mad angle as well. Like, honestly, how DOES he do it?

And that smoke? So much smoke. I’m surprised the on-track fire brigade didn’t come in, sirens blazing, to put out the amount of smoke this FWD Honda beast was putting out.

So if you were wondering what the best FWD drift…nay…the best drift in the world looked like, you’ve just seen it.

And if you actually took me seriously and thought that I thought this was the best drift video in existence, you’re crazy man. It’s a FWD car for gob’s sake.


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