A 26-year-old man driving his Honda S2000 tumbled down this Southern California road and didn’t survive.

When Luis Lopez buckled up for a spirited drive in his Honda S2000 earlier this Sunday no one, including himself, imagined that it would be his last. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune on their report on the single crash they posted up earlier yesterday (Jan 22, 2018) La Verne, Calif resident identified as Luis Lopez lost control and drove his Honda S2000 over the side of San Gabriel Canyon Road in the middle of Angeles National Forest. When rescuers finally made it to his car, there was little that could be done to save the man as he was pronounced dead shortly after.

A motorist traveling on the same road as Luis witnessed the Honda S2000 tumble off the side of the road, descending more than 100 feet before his S2000 finally stopped. By that time, extreme forces from the tumble caused his roadster’s body and chassis to crumple around him, the roll bars offering little protection from a fall of that magnitude.

An investigator at the scene of the crash surmised that the Honda S2000 was only traveling at 50 MPH when Luis suddenly lost control, 10 mph above the speed limit but certainly manageable for his Honda sports car. Police confirmed that drugs and alcohol were not factors in his crash.

At this time, no one really knows why he crashed or what caused his car to lose control.

His untimely death was brought to my attention after scrolling through Instagram and seeing the unfortunate photos of his crash, his roadster reduced to a pile of scrap metal.

From the looks of people posting about his accident, he was an active Honda S2000 enthusiast loved by many and whose absence leaves a hole in the car enthusiast scene at least in Southern California.

Many people are using his life and this unfortunate incident as a timely reminder to take care when you drive, not to take unnecessary risks and to leave the true 10/10ths driving for the track.

A Go Fund Me has been set up for his funeral expenses and to support his family.


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