AutoCon officials replied to this show carl show car registrant with an unnecessarily unprofessional reply.

When you’re a car show with some serious history in the Import community in Southern California with global cache, you’d think their social media team would be smart enough to use a hint of professionalism in their feeds. Looks like someone slipped up this week. According to AutoCon registrant David Nazario and his screenshot he took of a now deleted reply from AutoCon posted earlier yesterday (Jan. 30,2018) when he asked about the status of his registration, not only did they not inform David that he didn’t get in, but AutoCon directly replied to his comment in the rudest way possible. Check out the screenshot for yourself below.

When he asked if there was an update to getting his car into the AutoCon car show in Long Beach, Calif AutoCon replied with, “Definitely not with those Varrstoens :laughing emoji:” Presumably this means that AutoCon, like many car shows, promotes and highlights build with only authentic parts and not knockoff parts. Varrstoens, while great wheels are synonymous with being cheaper versions of much more expensive original JDM wheels.

If AutoCon really meant what their comment suggests, this wouldn’t be an issue. If their standards, as their registration page says, puts “quality and individuality” on a pedestal (or in this case, a stage) and automatically disqualifies builds with replica parts, then their comment would be nothing more than just being rude. Uncalled for, but not anything you can argue.

But as several people have pointed out, car youtuber TJ Hunt and his Nissan 350Z build was not only allowed into their AutoCon event last year, but was even given premium placing. If you didn’t know who TJ Hunt is, you’re among the majority, but a major sponsor of his build is Ambit Wheels, a wheel company unabashedly selling knockoff versions of more expensive brands like Enkei and BBS. For example, Ambit’s RE81s are knockoffs of BBS wheels. Ambit’s price? $140 a wheel. BBS? When shopping at Urotuning, expect to pay four times as much for the real deal. Hunt’s 350Z build was rocking Ambits.

With Hunt’s Youtube channel knocking on the door of a million subs and his Instagram account boasting more than 400,000 followers, it’s easy to see why they let him in despite his knockoff wheels.

It’s the unwritten truth of car shows of this caliber, David. There are rules and then there are the rules. If you’ve got a million Youtube subs and equally as many followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can register a stock ’99 Civic EX with Rotas and they’ll let you in.

As for AutoCon, did you really have to reply to his comment like that?


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