If this race suit is good enough for Formula 1, it’s good enough for your local track event.

Brand new race suits are pretty expensive with entry level ones like this one from Alpine coming in around $700. But if you’re smart like VTEC Club racer Devyn Bandonillo you scour the web for not only a good deal on a used one, but one that’s sure to wow any onlooker at his next track event. According to @HeyDevyn on his Instagram post he put up earlier this week (Feb 7, 2018) he picked up literally a one-of-a-kind fire suit formerly used by the BAR Honda F1 Racing team when their main sponsors were Lucky Strike. Check out what he picked up in his post below.

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A bit of googling around and if I were to guess this suit probably was from Lucky’s Strike’s last season in 2005 with Michelin as the official tire on the arm patch and the Lucky Strike Roundel on the right breast being telltale signs.

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According to Devyn in his post,

I’m not a collector, but I am a driver. I got really lucky finding this piece and don’t think I’ll ever come across another that’s forsure. Tried it on and yeah, definitely time to customize my helmet. This thing is mint. I’d be lying if I didn’t try this suit on and feel like a little kid again

Devyn does say that this isn’t one of the suits worn by any of the drivers including Honda’s test driver but is a pit crew suit. All the better because real deal racing suits worn by F1 drivers would probably hold a bit more value not to mention the skill you’d have to live up to carrying on its torch.

Although Club VTEC rules don’t say you have to use a fire suit, it’s highly recommended. And with this one certified for FIA standards, it’ll be more than up to the task of providing protection in the extremely rare case it’s needed.

Devyn drives a 2011 Honda Civic converted over to Acura CSX specs (at least outside.) This season he’s running a K24 replacing the K20 from last season.

 VTEC Club is an all Honda competition series that is primarily set as a time trial event.

He does mention that he’ll be painting his current helmet to match his suit. I’ll be keen to see how that turns out. I’m sure it’ll look dope.


  1. Beware, after 2010 Formula One has NO refueling during the race, so the Crew Suits since then are NOT FIA approved Race suits.
    I’ve been collecting the Crew Suits for over 20 years


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