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This is what the Borla Cat-Back exhaust for 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport sounds like

borla civic
Borla's cat-back for the Civic Hatchback sport

Borla is a little late to the game, finally releasing a full cat-back exhaust for the 10th gen Honda Civic but it’s here and sounds like a Borla.

It looks like Borla can only make new products for vehicles they have available to test fit and develop on and it looks like they finally got a 10th gen Honda Civic Hatchback Sport into their development facilities. According to Borla on their post on CivicX.com earlier last week (Jan. 30,2018) Borla got their Cat-Back Exhaust S-Type for the 2016-2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport up on their website for $824 which is in line with what other exhaust companies like Magnaflow and Greddy are selling their cat-backs for. Thankfully, the developmental vehicle’s owner posted up the exhaust clip of what it sounds like.

Compared to Borla’s ATAK sound technology, their S-Type exhausts are the tamer sounding of the two. Despite that, Borla’s takes Honda’s OEM exhaust note from mild to wild. I’ve posted what Honda’s OEM exhaust sounds like below and it’s easy to see why Borla (and others) can really turn up the wick on the sound. Whereas Honda uses two separate muffler bodies splitting from the main exhaust, Borla maintains a straight through exhaust into a single muffler with dual tips. Depending on the exhaust flow within the muffler body, how much muffler packing (if any) is used and the diameter of the piping, a very aggressive note can be made which is what Borla have done in this case.

Since it’s just hit the market, there aren’t any other sound clips available. I’d really like to hear how this exhaust rips by at speed or how it sounds from within the interior at wide open throttle. Although this exhaust is loud, interior noise quality for economy cars has improved a lot through the years where you might be pleasantly surprised how much sound actually gets into the cabin.

Admittedly I prefer the deeper tone of the Magnaflow but I bet some of the Civic Hatchback Sport Magnaflow exhaust owners want their exhaust systems to really push out a bit more sound like these Borlas.

Seeing as how the Magnaflow systems for the Sport Hatch are on back order until the Feb. 22, it would probably behoove Borla to drop their system right about now.


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