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Trophy truck demolishes cow at 112 MPH

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This Trophy Truck slammed into a cow at 112 MPH

If you’re a vegetarian or love cows, you definitely don’t want to watch this video.

When you go desert racing, with your route in the middle of the nowhere with unregulated nature all around, you’re bound to come across some desert wildlife. According to this Trophy Truck racer Christian Sourapas on his forum post he shared earlier yesterday (Feb 6, 2018) on his second official race in a trophy truck at the Parker 425 desert race in Nevada his truck slammed into a lone cow at full speed. With his 360-degree cameras and telemetry sensors running, his dashcam captured the full brunt of the impact and its aftermath. Check out the gnarly crash and the moments after his crash in the video below.

According to the video’s description, Christian was racing for the lead after qualifying 11th overall. Despite the name, the race is 545 miles of all-out concentration on the part of the drivers. After pit stop number two, Parker was in 8th place with 7th and 6th within range.

As anybody who has ever raced Parker knows, after Pit 2 is WIDE OPEN!!! I’m talking 110+ roads.

With his engines running at full power putting “stupid power” to the ground, Christian saw something he never wanted to see, a cow and two of its calves at the side of the course.

the calf ran directly onto the course with the mama (or dad for you gender freaks) chasing after it. Before I could even react, we smashing into both of them sending us into a shock and veering the truck to the left. Blood and guts everywhere. I knew it was gonna be a day-ender, but as I was thinking that the truck caught and we started tumbling.

Thankfully he emerged from the wreckage unharmed, crediting his safety equipment and the quick work of the helicopter team that rushed there to get him to a hospital as quick as possible.

 I also want to thank IMPACT Safety, Cobra Seats, and Herbst Smith Fabrication for creating a product that can withstand the force of a 100+ mph crash. I might not be here to tell this story if it weren’t for you guys.

Racing, although exciting and a thrill for anyone who gets the chance to do it, is inherently a dangerous sport. There’s a reason safety is referred to as number one.


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