For a hair under $700, you can literally make your Accord more powerful than the new Honda Civic Type R.

It was inevitable when Honda revealed that the new Accord would get a 2.0T under the hood that sometime shortly after the aftermarket would throw out a tune that would make the Accord more powerful than the Civic Type R. That day has come. According to Hondata on Facebook earlier last week (Feb. 11,2018) they’ve unveiled the availability of the first two stages of its ever-popular Flashpro ECU tunes. And if you didn’t believe the hype, Hondata have also dropped two dyno video showing the Accord laying a healthy amount of torque through those dynapacks. Check out the videos for yourself below.

First, the stock power figures for the 2018 Honda Accord are 252 HP and 273 lb-ft. Respectable power figures with less HP than the V6 from last year but with more torque. Hondata uses dynapacks and came up with 266 HP and 292 lb-ft to the hubs which suggests that Honda has seriously underrated its engines.

Throw on a Stage 1 tune and those numbers jump to 276 HP and 332 lb-ft with so much of that torque available throughout the rev range right from 1500 RPM and above.

Add on a Stage 2 tune and those numbers hit a whopping 287 HP and 377 lb-ft. I’ve posted a screenshot of the dyno chart below.

Accord Hondata Dyno
2018 Accord dyno chart

Keep in mind that the Honda Civic Type R makes a groundbreaking 306 HP and 295 lb-ft using a similar 2.0T engine although the Civic uses a more aggressive turbo and has fuel injectors set up for maximum performance. But just for comparison’s sake, a $30,310 with a $695 Flashpro Stage 2 tune makes 19 less HP but 82 more lb-ft. The Civic Type R weighs 3,117 pounds while a 2.0T Accord weighs just 3298 with a six-speed automatic. It would be so very interesting to see who’s faster in a straight line at least.

Although we lament the absence of a V6, with just a bit of tweaking in the ECU and nothing else, you can get an Accord that can literally throw down with much more faster cars out there.

Keep in mind that yes, adding power will effect engine longevity and reliability in the long run, not to mention you’re going to be using more gas. Did you really think you could have all that fun without a couple of drawbacks?

But what a sleeper the new Accord can be!


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