The numbers don’t lie. Compared to February, Honda actually sold more Accords in March which flies against reports that the Accord was a dud.

February: No one’s buying Accords. Crossovers rule. Mid-sized sedans are dead! March: OK, some people actually might like the Accord. Mid-sized sedans probably aren’t dead. According to Honda earlier today (Apr. 3,2018) they released their monthly sales report from this February and surprise, surprise…they managed to sell more Accords this month. Last month Honda managed to sell only 19,753 units which was slightly better than January at 17,677 units but a banner month for everyone else to start shouting, “The mid-sized sedan market is dead and so is the Accord!” In March, Honda moved 24,171 Accords which is still less than compared to last year in March, but a substantial increase nonetheless.

Honda Accord
The new Honda Accord

Honda was so proud of how the Accord did they included the Accord’s sales in the press release’s first bullet point which is usually reserved for their truck offerings or the Civic (which unsurprisingly is still selling like Hotcakes.)

Accord sales topped 24,000 for the month, moving up vs. last month while competing in a declining segment dominated by heavy incentives.

Note that Honda wasn’t about to deny the fact that indeed, they’re competing in a market that doesn’t have much action, as of late, but still demands a solid product for people who want these stalwarts of the middle class.

Admittedly, Honda’s bread and butter is still their Honda CR-V which sold a whopping 31,868 units and their Pilot which jumped up to a whopping 14,158 units over last month’s 12,056 units.

Adding somewhat to the argument that the mid-sized sedan market is still alive is Acura’s TLX which moved a respectable 4,014 units probably due to its new redesign and more sporty trim offerings.

To add icing to the cake, Motor Trend happened to drop their comparison between the 2018 Audi A4 Ultra Premium against the 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T. Guess which one came out on top? You guessed it, the Honda!

To be fair, Honda DID cut down on production of the Accord by three weeks to align with market conditions. They might pick up production sooner rather than later, now.

The new Accord is really a good car and is still an answer to a lot of people’s choices. Not everyone needs a crossover, people.


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